The core business of Advanced Practice Management, originated in 1931. Over the years it has changed ownership form several times and was finally incorporated in 1985. Starting in 1985, the company started a transition from general, personal and business accounting to health care practices. Today, the company services only practices in the dental, medical and veterinary industries.

We have concentrated our resources to become very industry specific, allowing us to focus all of our knowledge and attention on the professional health care businesses. This gives us the ability to enhance our services to our clients because of our focus.

Meet Steve Barnes

Steve Barnes

CPA & Owner

Over 40 years experience in health care.

Steve Barnes, a CPA and the owner of Advanced Practice Management, has had extensive experience in health care. Not only has he been a practicing accountant since 1972, he concurrently owned and operated several business that have enhanced his knowledge of all aspects of health care. He was a partner in Midwest Medical Practice Concepts, Inc (1986-2001) a Medical Manager Software dealership in Columbus, Ohio. Steve also owned and operated Advanced Practice Management, Inc.(1986-1993), a medical billing company in Columbus, providing services to anesthesiologists.

Steve’s past and present business entities have given him a unique perspective and knowledge that adds to client’s consulting services. He understands computerization, billing and receivable management, clinical flow, building design and human resource management. His college education concentrated in accounting, time management and human resource management. Steve spent extensive hours in study of personal self development, business systems and personality assessment, which has been a great help in dealing with the mindset of the health care community.

Meet Our Team

The team members of Advanced Practice Management, guiding you to financial independence, provide management and accounting services to dental, medical and veterinary practices in the greater Central Ohio area. Our services go beyond the routine and provide an extra dimension in ability, effort and service. This willingness can only be found in a service oriented management and accounting practice like Advanced Practice Management.

Since 1971 our team members have been dedicated to serving the client who needs more than just a management consultant or a CPA. With Advanced Practice Management, a Certified Public Accounting Firm, you get seasoned professionals that deal with all aspects of office management and financial reporting.

Years of extensive, hands-on experience in professional practice consulting have earned us a distinctive reputation for quality and service. Our commitment to continuing education for the entire firm guarantees up-to-date information from all departments of Advanced Practice Management. And of course, you are always assured of complete attention to your needs and the quickest response available in the industry.

Our management consulting has proven to increase business effectiveness, profitability and harmony in the practice. Our strategic planning, team building and core value sessions bring growth and stability to our client’s practices.

If you are interested in a business partner who views your needs as the highest priority, and you want consultants who are dedicated to giving concrete advice, quick turn around time, management support, regular involvement and place your success at the top of the list, then call us today. We will be glad to arrange a no cost quick review of your needs.

Our Philosophy

It is not about being the biggest, it is about developing the best relationships centered on the highest level of service. We pride ourselves on long-term business partnerships with our clients. We take on our clients' business concerns as if they were our own, and consequently, we form very close relationships with our clients that are built on integrity and trust. We view our clients as our friends, and we go the full mile for their benefit.

If you feel your company could benefit from our services, and our client profile makes sense to you, we would welcome the opportunity to meet you and talk about your needs.

Client Profile

With over 40 years of experience servicing the health care market, we have been able to define the traits of the clients that develop into the best partnerships. These clients also tend to be where we get the greatest results and return on the clients investment in management and accounting services.

For those reasons, we have developed a client profile that helps identify the type of client with whom we will most enjoy the partner relationship. Our goal is not to have the most clients that we can get, it is to have clients who subscribe to some basic core values that make business and people successful. We very carefully evaluate each new potential client partnership to make sure that we deliver solutions that will highly benefit the client.

Our client profile includes the following characteristics:

  • Desires the goal of financial independence
  • Desires the best patient services
  • Demonstrates flexibility in decision making
  • Promotes a learning environment
  • Values us as a trusted resource
  • Desires great financial accounting systems
  • Values regular meetings & communication
  • Encourages management training and interaction
  • Desires maximum legal tax benefits
  • Promotes fair and equitable management systems
  • Understands the monetary value of professional services
  • Subscribes to a Core Value System
  • Understands the value of technology
  • Values immediate response and timely professional service