The staff at Advanced Practice Management has extensive knowledge of computer systems. We also work with some of the finest support groups in the area for computer maintenance and installation. We are glad to provide recommendations for computer support and installation.

We are very familiar with dental, medical and veterinarian systems and programming, and can facilitate the in-depth use of your system for financial and clinical flow. Steve Barnes, having owned and operated Midwest Medical Computer Concepts, Inc. from 1987-2002, is very familiar with the installation and use of medical computers in the clinical and financial environment. He has actively participated in the planning and installation of the EagleSoft system, by Patterson Dental, in several offices. He has also provided installation and support services for the Medical Manager Product through Midwest Medical Practice Concepts.

In addition, through his ownership and management of Advanced Practice Management, Inc, a medical billing company from 1986 to 1995, Steve acquired in depth knowledge of billing and accounts receivable management. His ownership of Midwest Medical Computer Concepts and Advance Practice Management, Inc, while he was providing management and consulting service through Barnes, Barnes & Associates, Inc., allowed him to gain great practical experience in billing and computer systems management.

We believe in the full use and integration of the advanced technologies available to detnal and medical professionals today. The electronic medical records is the best available option for reducing overhead and increasing payments.

We, along with our external team members, we can assist in:

  • Computerization of Charges, Collections and Accounts Receivable
  • Integration of the Electronic Medical Record
  • Computerization of Accounts Payable
  • Installation of Electronic Filing Systems
  • Integration and use of PDA’s
  • Activation of Remote Access to your system
  • Planning for the Paper less Office
  • Wireless Camera’s and remote security
  • Automation of office and home lighting systems

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