Office design can either increase or decrease the productivity of your practice. Effective office design will promote efficient flow that will create a greater number of encounters for the day. There are many areas that are important in office design that need to be considered.

Steve Barnes, CPA, the owner of Advanced Practice Management, is a partner in S & S Fine Homes, Ltd. He has in-depth knowledge of the design and building process. He understands the importance of the planning process before breaking ground. Office systems, personnel and patient convenience need to be considered in the design process. Integration of current and future technology has to be considered if the design is to be effective. Future growth is a huge factor in the design process.

We work closely with the design professionals to make sure that the total office flow is considered in the process, thereby reducing costly mistakes. Patient flow, equipment integration, employee and doctor needs are carefully considered.

When considering your management/accounting professional, be sure to find out how much in-depth knowledge that the person possesses in the total continuum of office support.

Be sure to consider the following in your office design:

  • Current needs vs… future growth
  • Technology integration
  • Patient flow
  • Clinical flow
  • The Hotel Concept
  • Equipment integration
  • Traffic Patterns
  • Marketing around the move
  • Ancillary Costs of the move
  • Paper less or paper
  • High Speed Interest Availability

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