A transition in your practice can mean several things. Bringing in a new associate, partner or defining your process for partial or complete retirement can be a very overwhelming task. At Advanced Practice Management we have years of experience in transitioning practices.

At the core of the transition, your present and future needs should be identified, and a strategic transition plan is necessary for your successful change for the future. For the process to be successful, your personal, financial, practice and retirement needs should be clearly defined. Then matching the proper personality of your new associate or partner becomes the next priority.

Defining the value of your practice and the methods for you to realize that value, which will meet your plan’s needs and objectives, is our prime concern. A rewarding transition can be one of the most important steps to realizing the full value of the practice that you have spent so many years developing.

Advanced Practice Management can serve as your partner to ensure that your practice reaches it maximum potential, allowing you to fully capitalize on it’s value. We can help you achieve your practice goals, your pre-retirement goals and your successful transition into your well planned retirement.

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